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    KutCost is a marketplace and does not control the actions of any pro, customer or individuals using our service.

    We can only verify providers licenses and Business registration based on Federal Government, State and Local County databases available online.
    We strongly advice you the buyer to ask the service pros for a proof of their licenses, permits and insurance before beginning your service.

  • KutCost is a middleman company and can assist you if you need further info about a pro or service provider.
  • Not all sellers on KutCost are business registered, insured or have permits.The marketplace has individuals selling their personal items,gigs and properties.
  • You can visit our FAQ & HELP CENTER to learn more about trust and safety on KutCost.
The following is our advice and links on How to Check on Pro Insurance coverages, Business registration, licenses, permits and certifications. 
  • Business Licenses - A business license generally just means the pro is registered to do business in a city or state.
  • Occupational Licenses - An occupational license is what authorizes a pro to do certain kinds of work— example as a plumber or an electrician. 

It will be the best to always check this before hiring a pro, use these steps to verify their insurance:
  1. Ask the pro for proof of insurance and bonding, as well as a copy of his or her license.
  2. Research your state or locality’s insurance, bonding, and licensing requirements and confirm that the pro meets each one.
  3. If the pro has insurance, call the insurance provider to verify the policy is current and you are aware of what it does and doesn’t cover.
  4. If the pro has a surety bond, request the pro’s bond number and certification, and then contact the surety company to confirm it’s valid for the required amount.
  5. Consider whether the project risks are covered by the pro’s insurance policy and bond, and talk to your pro about any gaps.
  • We advise you to get more information and details of your insurance policies and the different types of insurance you may need before beginning your project. Reviewing your homeowner’s insurance policy (or equivalent) is a great place to start.
  • You can ask your insurance provider if your policy covers your property during the project (for example, while it’s being remodeled), and see if your insurance covers any risks that may be involved with the project. Be sure that anyone who works on your project has the appropriate insurance, such as liability insurance or workers compensation.

The following links will help check for individual, businesses, contractors and Pros Registrations and Licenses from Federal and local Government databases.
Here are the click links to State Government websites where you can find information about licensing