How it Works

Buying with Down Payment

This means reserving a portion of the Deal Amount you received for an item or service on KutCost in other to get the deal or secure it.

The remaining balance of the deal amount will be paid to the seller when he comes to do the service. A full refund of this reserve amount will be paid within stated periods when the service is not done.

Auction Buy

Buying with a bidding process where goods and services offered by the seller will be sold or giving to the highest bidder.

Auto Auction & Other Auctions are the only categories that can be used for selling with auction. Highest bidder or winner of the item is entitled to it.

Buy Now

This means buying goods or service with already discounted deal price.

The seller doesn’t negotiate on this deal price further and its final.

Contact Seller

This means buying on kutCost by contacting the seller directly via phone, text or email. If buyer and seller agree on price, they will meet and exchange transaction, goods and services.

Most of the Contact Seller listings under categories like, For Sale, Gigs, Housing & Rents are FREE on
PLEASE NOTE: Do not send payment in anyway outside the Kutcost platform for direct contact seller until you meet them.

Make an Offer

This is an open negotiation made by the Seller for Buyers to respond on how much they will pay for an item or service listed on KutCost.

There is no binding agreement until offer is accepted.

By Auction

Seller can only use two categories on KutCost to auction their products

Auto Auction

Car dealers & Individual Vehicle Owners can use the platform to list their items with affordable price.

The Kutcost auction platform has been securely design for transactions and your local area in mind. Buyers can only pickup up winning items from your location. No shipping is required.

Other Auctions

This category lets you sell all other item by auction on KutCost.

You will select your subcategory and list your item. Winning buyers can only pickup from your location locally. No shipping is required.

Service Provider

Home & Local Service Providers, Neighborhood Small Businesses & Handymen can easily list their goods and services with No Upfront Cost until sale has been done.

KutCost will verify your profession and postings to secure buyers and users. Sellers will have dedicated Account Managers to help them grow their business.

Personal Items

Anyone who want to list their personal items like used phones, shoes, computers, furniture and more under the category “For Sale, Gigs, Housing & Rents are for free.

There is no charge for listing under these categories. You can easily download the app or use the mobile website to list in a minute.

Advertisement & Awareness

Businesses ,Sellers and users on Kutcost can easily promote their product and services

Simply sign up for our page side and slide ads Contact our support team on 1-800-476-2196

Direct Contact

Sellers can list their items and services for direct contact from buyers only. Most of direct contact listings are free to post with no charges.

Sellers can list their items and services for direct contact from buyers only. Most of direct contact listings are free to post with no charges.